Management And Administration Authority Technopolis Thessalonikis SA (LB)

Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park is an initiative of the most important Information and High Technology companies from all over Greece. This initiative was supported by the state and several public bodies and Research Institutions.

The company’s aim was the establishment of the first high technology Business Park in Greece and to resolve some of the problems of companies in the industry, such as housing needs. Also to create a grid of modern infrastructure and investment opportunities, which will be a development opportunity both for Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, and the country in general. The area which was selected for the creation of the Park is located on the eastern side of the city, which is the fastest growing area of Thessaloniki, and has already evolved into a centre of innovation and technology where within a short distance are the National Centre for research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), the Museum of Technology (NOISIS) and CEDEFOP. Also in the wider region there are several commercial and recreational centers, hotels, medical facilities and educational institutions. Today, the original purpose of the company has achieved with the official inauguration of Technopolis Thessaloniki, the first High Technology Business Park in Greece, a result of an investment project of more than 12.5 M. Euros. The company’s next goal is the utilization of the accumulated experience to create a network of Technopolis – Incubators in other regions of the country.

Management & Administration Authority Technopolis Thessalonikis SA (hereafter “Technopolis”) has already established a Business Incubator for high tech start-ups in Northern Greece since 2006. It is located and operates in a modern building within the Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park. The incubator offers a variety of services including: General Services (reception, telephone, photocopier, projector of multimedia, interactive whiteboard, TVs, broadband Internet connection), Business support services (training of young entrepreneurs, developing professional skills etc.), Education and transfer of knowledge and experience (mentoring), Specialized services (preparing a business plan, strategic marketing), financial support and opportunities for domestic and international networking.

Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" (PB2)

Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”, is an organization for public benefit. “Maritza” is an independent, non-government and non-political organization. It is a voluntary association of municipalities, legal entities and individuals who share the idea of supporting local and regional development of the territory along the rivers “Maritsa” and “Arda”.

The Association supports the local authorities in their efforts for establishing sustainable, democratic and responsible for the citizens local government. Offers information, qualification and skills of the representatives of the local authorities, aiming at raising the quality of the offered municipal services. It supports, promotes and stimulate the local economy. It supports the development of entrepreneurship in the region of Haskovo; To achieve its objectives RMA “Maritza” develops projects, organizes and runs surveys analyses, training, technical assistance, public hearings, forums and conferences, presentations and marketing in the field of local government, economic restructuring, regional and local development, cross-border cooperation, civil society, partnerships and networking in the region.

Research Account Of International University Of Greece (PB3)

According to the “Financing and Management Guide of the International Hellenic University’s Special Account Management & Research Committee”, the organization’s primary functions are listed as:

  • Laboratory Measurements / Tests / Analyzes
  • System Design and Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Preparation of Special Studies / Provision of Consulting Services
  • Education and Development of Educational Material
  • Product and Materials Development
  • Design and implementation of scientific, research, cultural and developmental programs
  • Provision of scientific, technological and artistic services
  • Providing opinions, drafting specifications on behalf of third parties
  • Entrepreneurship promotion services
  • Participation in Spin-off
Institute Of Robotics Bulgarian Academy Of Sciences Bulgaria (PB4)

The Institute of Robotics at BAS, as a leading national scientific institution integrated into the European Research Area, conducts complex fundamental and engineering research leading to innovative technologies and inventions, and trains masters and doctoral students in robotics, mechatronics, sensors and systems with artificial intelligence. Through its development, expertise and project activity, IR-BAS works primarily for the benefit of national industry and society by consulting state and non-governmental organizations, companies and enterprises in these cutting-edge fields of science and technology. The institute disseminates knowledge and skills in robotics, sensors and mechatronics in high schools through its RoboAcademy, which was founded by our researchers for young talents. The Institute is among the initiators before the European Parliament for extending the scope of robotics and artificial intelligence in public relations through the European Robotics Agency. IR-BAS is the national leader in inventions with assets of more than 140 patents in recent years in its dominant part transferred as technology in companies and enterprises. The citations of the papers published by the researchers from the institute exceed 15 000. The project activity of the institute includes numerous contracts with the Framework programs of EU, Bulgarian National Science Fund, industrial companies, SME and others.


The main priorities of IR-BAN are:

  • Industrial and service robotics;
  • Medical, interactive and social robotics;
  • Management of robotic and mechatronic platforms by capturing and processing signals from humans brain;
  • Sensors, micro- and nano-sensor elements and components, including intelligent multi-sensor systems and devices for contactless automation and process and production control;
  • Robots, mechatronic systems and quantum communication for security and defense purposes;
  • Robotic and mechatronic bio and technological processes and systems;
  • 3D design and printing of components for robots and development of children’s and students’ educational skills through robots;
  • Mechatronic and robotic energy systems and devices;

Enhancement of entrepreneurship via technology and innovation