Interreg VA
Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020

Greece and Bulgaria, two neighboring countries with a rich past, since the end of the 1990s have entered an era of closer co-operation, due to the INTERREG Programme “Greece-Bulgaria”.

The main idea behind “INTERREG” is that countries have issues which can be better solved if they work together with their neighbors than if each one remains confined within its borders. So for this reason, in our Programme we promote activities that bring our people closer. One needs to look no further than the land and the rivers we share and move on to roads and then to culture, food and traditions. In every case what happens on the one side of the border affects the other side as well. The need for joint actions is gradually becoming the normal than the exception.

Business Passport Project

The business environment in the cross-border area has weaknesses in providing liquidity to SMEs, either at the stage of their creation or at the level of existing ones that require labour capital. The constant changes and volatility of the businesses in conjunction with the introduction of new technologies, regulations and processes related to development, production, marketing and the availability of products requires specialized and targeted support. 

Project Beneficiaries

The following corporate scheme participates in the implementation of the “Business Passport” project:

• LB – Management And Administration Authority Technopolis Thessalonikis SA

• PB 2 – Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”

• PB 3 – International Hellenic University

• PB 4 – Institute Of Robotics Bulgarian Academy Of Sciences